Winter Gutter Cleaning White Plain NY

There are many ways on how to maintain your gutters to keep them running in tip top shape. What are gutters you may ask? Gutters help move water and debris away from your roof and home. It is no wonder why you should check your gutters often to make sure they are not clogged or leaking. If you feel you are not up to doing it yourself you can always hire an expert to inspect your gutters for you. There is nothing better than an expert’s opinion because it saves you time and money trying to fix big problems on your own.

Another big reason you want to have your gutters routinely checked is because it can invite unwanted pests to thrive near your home. As leaves get clogged into your gutters it can eventually leave standing water that attract mosquitoes. They lay their eggs in the standing water that can lead to a bigger issue. West Nile Virus may be a bad side effect of this that can leave you with many unwanted symptoms such as headaches, fever, muscle weakness, vision loss, and even paralysis. Cleaning your gutters may not be the most attractive activity you have done, but it will keep your home running smoothly, and safe from unwanted pests.

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