Window Cleaning White Plains NY

Cleaning your home windows can brighten your home and increase its overall appearance. What takes most homeowners close to five hours to do, a professional can get it done in less than half the time. It is time consuming to those who just want to sit back and enjoy their home instead of having to maintain these small tedious tasks. A professional window washer can identify most problems that we are sometimes not able to spot; such as, ill-fitting window screens, wood rot on windowsills, and damaged or non-functional windows. Spotting some of these problems can save you costly expenses in the future, and can even save your life. If your windows are painted shut that could cause a problem in case of a fire when you can’t get the window open. Do leave yourself open to those types of risks!

Another good reason to hire a professional window washer for your home is that they can help remove insect infestations. Bees and hornets can build nests behind your window shutters, and will become a problem when you have a bunch of them surrounding your property. Ladybugs have also been known to build nests in channels making windows hard to operate. Over time aluminum screens can create deposits on your glass, much like lime deposits in the shower. A professional window washer can restore the glass back to its original condition with muriatic acid treatment. They also can make sure they are using the right treatments for the glass to not damage it any further. I’d strongly consider getting your home windows done professionally to not only improve the lifetime of your windows, but to ensure your home gets the brightness it deserves!

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